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Why Preserve Your Gown?

Scientific fact states that dry-cleaning alone will not remove sugar residue from your wedding gown. Since most beverages and foods contain sugar, it is almost impossible to avoid getting some on your gown. If we can see the sugar, we can remove it. It is the sugar residue that dries clear that creates the problem. If left untreated this sugar residue will start to caramelize over time creating an unsightly brown stain that is not easily removed.

The exclusive Anti-Sugar process removes any sugar residue left in your gown after our careful pre-spotting and dry cleaning. This eliminates any possibility of a caramelized sugar stain from forming.

The materials used to fabricate the inner chamber of this product are acid-free and sulphur-free. Future storage conditions could cause volatile and migrating acids to form. Calcium carbonate, an alkaline buffer, has been added to the paperboard to alleviate this deterioration. In addition, lignin, a natural adhesive found in trees has been removed because of its acidic properties. Multi layered construction also helps lock out moisture, mildew, moths, dirt, and dust.

How to Store Your Wedding Gown

Don’t hang a wedding gown for a prolonged period of time or it will stretch and sag. Don’t seal fragile gowns in plastic bags. Plastic attracts moisture but cannot absorb it. This moisture will attack your gown promoting mildew and fabric rot. Don’t expose gowns to strong light or open air. Dust, dirt and sunlight can cause deterioration. Give your wedding gown a life-giving treatment that can preserve your heirlooms for future generations. Entrust them to us for the ultimate in care – cleaning, treating and protective packaging.

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The Preservation Process

We put the highest degree of professional care into the heirloom processing of your gown. Our modern lab and equipment preserve every gown with a special anti-sugar treatment to prevent yellowing and discoloration and has been proven and recognized as the best method in gown preservations by the International Fabricare Institute.

A detailed Quality Control Report is updated through each and every step. We use proven formulas to remove spots. Your gown is thoroughly cleaned with extra attention given to the neckline, trim and hemlines. If repairs or other additional services are required we will let you know at this time.

Our experts shape the gown, position a full bust form and fill the sleeves. It is then wrapped in acid-free tissue and fitted carefully into a preservation chest with an acid-free display window. The preservation chest is then enclosed in a 700 lb.-test shipping carton

Your gown is then shipped back to you pre-paid anywhere in the United States by UPS or RPS professionals. You receive the gown within 2 to 10 weeks from when we receive it. (Please Note: Repairs and other additional services may require additional processing time).

The 100 Year Guarantee

The 100 Year Guarantee
You are provided with a certificate of guarantee for caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of the gown for 100 years. If at any time the gown is found to have yellowed or has caramelized stains, we will restore the gown at no extra charge to the customer. Remember: Never store your gown in an attic or basement.

By encasing your gown you are protecting the fabric from light, dust, bacteria, moths and other airborne pollutants.

Why should you choose Preserved Petals for your gown heirlooming?

If Preserved Petals is preserving your bridal bouquet, you always receive a 10% discount on your gown preservation.

Our gown preservations are done by the leading gown preservation specialist in the country. They have been doing wedding gowns and nothing but wedding gowns since 1913. It is not being done by someone that seldom sees wedding gowns or does them as a sideline to their other cleaning specialties. The gown is insured while in transit and your satisfaction is of prime importance. Your gown comes with a one hundred  (100) year warranty so that you can rest assured that it will look good when you are ready for someone special to wear it again.
Every gown is hand cleaned to assure that nothing is missed and then it is inspected a final time prior to sealing in the museum quality case to make sure that your preservation is the best.

We have been in Houston 19 Years and have used this heirloomer for half of that time. You have the added convenience of handling this during your preservation so getting the gown done is not an extra process that you must undertake. Your gown may be dropped off at our shop and will be returned directly to you saving you time and the expense of additional trips to complete your preservation.


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