Freeze Drying Process


What is the process of Freeze Dying?
Flowers are placed in the chamber of a freeze dry machine where the temperature is lowered to -30°. After 24 hours everything has frozen solid, and the air is pumped out to create a vacuum. Within this vacuum, moisture from the frozen flowers will slowly vaporize.

This process is called sublimation. The moisture vapors are collected into a second smaller chamber of the freeze dryer called the ice bank. The temperature is raised several degrees a day and after approximately 4 weeks the flowers are dried. This is a slow process that cannot be rushed. The flowers are either sprayed or dipped with a polymer chemical to prevent moisture penetration and to add to the durability of the flowers. The result is beautifully preserved flowers.

How long do Freeze-Dried Flowers last?
It depends on the type of flower, color and display location. Freeze dried flowers should be kept out of high humidity and direct sunlight. They should also be kept in an air conditioned environment. Freeze dried flowers left out in the open are given a 2-3 year life expectancy. However if placed in a frame, freeze dried flowers last years longer. Over time some colors do start to fade and take on an "antiqued" look.

Why is freeze drying the best method of preservation?
Freeze drying is the removal of water from a flower as water vapor by means of a vacuum. With the flower solidly frozen during the process, shrinkage is eliminated or minimized.

How long do I have to get my flowers to you?

It is important that we receive your fresh flowers as soon as possible. Preferably within 3-4 days after the ceremony, although it is not unusual to receive flowers later in the week. In the meantime they should be kept in the refrigerator inside of a plastic bag. DO NOT PLACE YOUR FLOWERS IN THE FREEZER.

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