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Make your display decision now or make a reservation and decide after the wedding. We recommend that you place your order or make a reservation deposit at least three weeks prior to the wedding date. If your wedding will take place sooner that this please call us toll free to make arrangements at once, 800-742-9570. If you know which display option you prefer you can place your order with us and finalize everything. If you prefer to make your display decision after the wedding you simply need to make a reservation/deposit. Call us toll free at 1-800-742-9570 to place your order or reservation deposit by phone. The non-refundable reservation deposit is $100.00 and is applied to your final order provided that you follow the established timelines and guidelines. The final display decision and balance is due no later than 30 days after the flowers complete the freezedry process. We will notify you in writing when Freezedry is complete. Payment plans may also be arranged during that 30 day window.

No, you are not required to make a decision on which frame or display style you want when you place your order. You should make a reservation/deposit at least three weeks prior to your wedding. If the wedding is less than two weeks away please call toll free 800- 742-9570 so we can make special arrangements quickly! If the wedding has already occurre. Click here for instructions.

No, We only accept flowers for encasement!!!!!!! All preservations must be protected by a display. Our actual display cost is less than 10% of the total cost of your preservation, in most cases. Much less than you could purchase a display of equal quality yourself. Since all of our dipalys are custom made and we order directly from the manufacture, in large quantites, we have been able to offer our customers competitive prices and the most creative display options. The remaining cost is the talented labor, equipment, chemicals, and overhead required to provide you with the worlds best floral preservation & design.

A FREE, custom-made, bouquet shipping kit is sent 7-10 days prior to your wedding date to locations within the continental United States. It has been designed to assure your flowers arrive at our Design Center in the best possible condition. Included is shipping directions and directions for caring for the bouquet before it is packed and shipped (If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area or the Houston area contact us for optional drop-off arrangements as you will not receive a floral shipper). In the Houston area you may choose to arrange to have your bouquet picked up at the reception for an additional fee based upon the location of your reception. This assures that your flowers are their freshest for preservation when we recieve them. Our bouquet shipping kit is simple to use. Detailed instructions are included. We recommend you assign this task to a friend, mom, or family member if you will be going off on your honeymoon.

You may use any next day air shipping service that you prefer to return the floral shipper to us after the wedding. Depending on your situation, you may decide that the pickup service is worth the additional cost. Regardless of which agency you choose, the assurance of quick overnight delivery should be your greatest concern.

The two biggest enemies of fresh cut flowers is heat and loss of moisture. Flower stems seal 60 to 75% within 8 hours of being cut. This means that your flowers have not been able to get much moisture for a while. In addition heat (any temperature over 65 degrees) will also accelerate the de-hydration process. If you have a hand-tied bouquet, with the stems showing, you can cut the stems the day after the wedding to help open the sealed stems and place the bouquet in water. Keeping your flowers cool, in a refrigerator will also help. MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT FREEZE! If your flowers are in a bouquet holder or are totally wrapped you can spray the flowers with water lightly. You can also re-spray the flowers 3-4 hours before you put the flowers into the shipper to return them to us. A little re-hydration spray goes a long way. Do not over spray. Do not ship flowers that are totally wet. They should be dry or dewy.

If you are bringing your flowers to our design center or if you have contracted to have your flowers picked up at the reception, we will hydrate your flowers when they are received at out shop.

The sooner we receive your flowers the better. Bouquets should been kept as cool as possible after the wedding, but not frozen. If you are located outside the Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston area you should ship your flowers to us the first working day after the wedding (see below for details on receiving a free shipping kit). If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area our drop off location is open Mondays and Tuesdays between 9am and 5pm. (with advanced reservations) Call 1 800-742-9570 for directions or to place a reservation. If you are in the Houston area our shop is open both Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 6:30pm to allow for drop offs. We are open 10am to 4pm Wed to Fri. There are no weekend drop off hours.

The process will take, 20 to 24 weeks on average, but may take as long as 32 weeks in rare situations. Preservation is a complex process and the completion timeframe must allow for time for freezedry, customer decisions and finalization of keepsake selection, keepsake ordering and construction, time in transit, time in the design queue, design time, quality control checks, final closing of the keepsake, and notification that the keepsake is ready for pick-up or shipping. This takes time, but is well worth the wait for the great results that we achieve vs. other preservation methods. Preserved Petals / Heller & Reid reserves the right to extend this time frame as needed to provide you with a quality product. Our emphasis is on quality rather than speed. Payment plans delay the completion process as no work is done on orders, to include ordering or design, until the order is paid in full.

If you are having difficulty placing your order, we will be happy to assist you. Simply contact us at 800-742-9570 during regular business hours or by e-mail at

All floral preservation is not the same. Proper floral freeze-drying doesn't produce flowers that are as brittle and lifeless as traditional or silica gel drying methods do. There are very few experts in the floral freeze dry industry because the equipment is expensive, requires extensive training to operate, knowledge about flowers, and floral design are required. Preserved Petals / H&R is one of the largest freeze-dried bouquet preservation companies in the United States. We have been in business specializing in freezedried preservation for over 18 years. This has allowed us to make major improvements to the floral preservation process via extensive research and testing. We will continue to research new methods and process control procedures to ensure that our floral preservation process remains the very best available. Our current process includes:

Step 1

The bouquet is photographed, inventoried, measured, dismantled and each flower put into a special re-hydration solution. The re-hydration solution opens the closed stem and forces it to drink the water and provides much needed sugars. This helps bring back the natural beauty of the flowers so that they look their very best for the freeze-drying process. Flowers are then stored in a cooler at 40 degrees for at least 24 hours or until the re-hydration is complete.

Step 2

Depending on the type and color of the flower, it is treated with specialized treatment solutions. Our pre-treatment solutions have been developed, after years of research, to hold in color and open the cell structure of the flower. This enhances the water removal process during the freeze-drying process, while retaining the flowers natural color. Flowers are loaded onto trays and frozen to prepare them for the freeze-drying process.

Step 3
The Freeze Drying Process

The same high quality equipment used by pharmaceutical companies to freeze-dry ingredients used in vitamins and medicine is used to preserve your flowers. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to determine when the moisture has been removed. The process must be carefully controlled or flowers can be damaged. Depending on the flower type and other factors flowers will remain under vacuum in the freeze-dryers for 14 to 24 days. Once the process is complete the flowers are removed and quickly prepared for the next step.

Step 4

A wire stem is added to each flower head to prepare it for color enhancement and sealing. Depending on the natural flower color some color enhancement may be used so that the natural looking color of the flower will be retained for years to come. Each flower is then sealed with a thin polymer coating. Our polymer coating includes a UVA shield to protect against sun/light and moisture damage. Flowers are stored in special sealed boxes by customer/job number and are now ready for the design process.

Step 5

Because each display is custom made-to-order, the customers display choice is made no later than 30 days following the completion of the freezedry process. Our talented floral designers then design the flowers into the displays, per the directions provide by the client, and the photography that we took of the bouquet when it arrived. Each display/design is reviewed using a quality control guideline and approved or returned for adjustments. Completed displays are cleaned and inspected, and then closed and packed for shipping or pick up by the customer.

Color Change is Natural! The age and the condition of the flowers at the time we receive them plays a role in how well they preserve. The fresher the flowers when we receive them the better the results. Please let your florist know that you will be preserving your flowers. Ask that they be as fresh as possible. The less wire and tape used in the design the better. The fresher your flowers are on the wedding day, the better the preservation results. Preservation will produce a color change, white flowers will become creamy and some colors, especially red flowers darken toward burgundy. Preserved Petals / H&R takes advantage of the latest techniques and technology to process your flowers but color change can and often will happen. Over time some flowers may become more antique in appearance, especially pink, peach, white and yellow flowers. Some damage may occur to a few flowers during the wedding and if required we will replace up to five flowers at no additional charge. (We may make an exception on the replacment of imported or other rare flowers that are not readily available locally) Flowers that we do not recommend for preservation include, Phalaenopsis, Cherry Baby, Vanda, and Makara Orchids, Asiatic Lilies, Sweet Pea, Spider Mums, Mums, Daisies, including Gerber's and Bouvardia. While we can and do preserve these flowers the results will not be as natural looking as other wedding flowers. Most other traditional wedding flowers preserve well. If you have questions about your flower choices please contact us. Call toll free 800-742-9570. If you are shipping your flowers to us please make sure that they are shipped the very first working day after the wedding. Preserved Petals / H&R reserves the right to replace greenery or any damaged flowers as required. We will replace up to 5 flowers at no charge providing that they are readily available locally. Ivy cannot be preserved and will be replaced with silk. Preserved Petals / H&R reserves the right to use artificial flowers as needed, but will only do so in rare cases. No Color guarantees can be made.

The cost is based on the type and size of the display that you select. We offer display options starting at $175 to over $1300. (Since we offer custom services keepsake selections could be made where the costs exceed those listed here due to size, finish, or complexity of design) The average bouquet preservation cost, including the display is in the $470 to $750 range. All that is required prior to the wedding is a non refundable reservation deposit of $100. Your final payment is not due until 30 days after freezedry is complete, when your select your display. If you wish, a payment plan can be arranged on orders exceeding $450 that allows you to pay the balance off in three equal payments. Visit the complete online catalog to see all the display options click here now.

Our price includes the display, preservation, replacement ribbon, if needed, and consultation with a design consultant, if required. Pricing for the shadow box displays includes the inside and outside mat, if required. Since most bouquets or arrangements have probably experienced some wear and tear by the time we receive them our pricing includes the replacement of up to five flowers at no additional charge. If more flowers will need to be replaced or the bouquet contains highly seasonal or imported flowers that are unusually expensive to replace there will be additional charges based upon the actual replacement cost of the flowers. If the cost for replacement flowers will exceed $35 we will call you for approval.

We understand that weddings can be very expensive that’s why we provide brides with a payment plan option. Take up to three months to pay, after the completion of freezedry. Preserve your bouquet for a lifetime of memories and select the display option you really want! Our payment plan program allows you to do just that.

Simply make a non-refundable reservation deposit of $100 prior to your wedding. This will allow us to reserve a place in our preservation equipment and to arrange for delivery of your flowers to our design center. No later than 30 days after the completion of freezedry we will need the final decision on your display. Payment plans are not available to customers that have exceeded the 30 day window after the completion of freezedry. Our designer will be happy to help you with this. Once your eligible display decision has been made we will deduct the $100 deposit from the total.

Your balance is then divided into three monthly payments. A one-time paper work fee is added to the first payment. The first payment is due at the time you make your display decision and additional payments are due each month thereafter until paid in full. See Terms & Conditions for more details, click here now.

Proper floral freeze-drying doesn't produce flowers that are as brittle and lifeless as traditional drying methods do. There are very few experts in this industry because the equipment is expensive, requires extensive training to operate, and knowledge about flowers and floral design is imperative. There are a few things you should know prior to selecting a company to preserve your flowers:

  • What method do they use for preservation? If they do not tell you, ask! Consumer magazines and news agencies evaluated the top floral preservation methods and rated the method used by Preserved Petals H&R, vacuum freeze-drying, as producing the most natural and long-term results.
  • Do they pre-treat and re-hydrate the flowers before freeze-drying or preservation? This helps retain the color of your flowers and opens the cells so they freeze dry with a natural look.
  • Are bouquets photographed and then disassembled for freeze-drying? This is the only way each flower will retain its natural color and shape.
  • Are flowers post-treated after freeze-drying? This process coats each flower with a thin, transparent layer that seals and protects them from light and humidity.
  • If they tell you the display is "airtight" ask for specific details. First, unless they create a vacuum within the display it is not "airtight". Second, if the flowers are properly preserved and sealed they are already protected from humidity. Displays protect from touching, handling, dust and dirt, but are not airtight!

Not all preservation companies use the freeze-drying method for preservation and not all companies who freeze dry complete each step because of the time, cost, and labor required. Without these steps; however, your flowers may not retain their natural look or may have a shorter lifespan.

Yes, just a few simple precautions will help your flowers retain their beauty. Do not spray glass cleaner directly onto the glass or dome of a display. Always spray a cleaner on a clean cloth and then wipe the area to remove dust, finger prints etc. Never display your flowers in direct sun light or by a heat source. This includes spotlights, lamps and heating vents. Do not display in a humid area, such as a bathroom. Of course rough handling of displays or touching preserved flowers in any way can damage some or all of the flowers.

All preserved flowers (air dried, silica dried and freeze dried) are subject to insect infestation. Preserved Petals / H&R treats all preserved flowers to remove any potential insect problem prior to delivery to the customer and all arrangements are infestation free when they leave our design center. While infestation does not occur often (less than 1% of all floral arrangements preserved) it can damage your flowers and is hard to treat. Indian meal Moths and Weevils invade the cleanest homes and are often found in flour, bird seed, peanuts, pecans, dog food, candy, macaroni, breakfast cereal, corn meal, dried beans, etc. These insects can and will fly from a pantry or storage area. Once preserved flowers become infested it is very difficult to correct the problem without damage to the flowers so prevention is the best solution. Preserved Petals / H&R is not responsible for and cannot repair flowers that have been infected by insects.

Freeze dried flowers offer an outstanding floral preservation improvement over air-dried flowers or other methods of preservation that result in wrinkled and shriveled flowers. Flowers not preserved with freeze drying become brown or black, with only traces of the original color. They often fall apart in 6 to 12 months or begin to mold. Freeze dried flowers typically provide years of beauty and enjoyment and we do not have a display in our shop with flowers less than 7 years old.

How long your freeze-dried flowers last depend on a number of factors including: the age of the flowers at the time of preservation, the amount of sunlight, heat, and humidly exposure and how the display is maintained. As a general rule, unless the display is dropped or mishandled the shape and arrangement of the flowers will remain the same as when you received it. Freeze dried flowers often become slightly darker than the natural floral color and will soften with time. Peach, pale pink and yellow flowers may fade faster than other colors. White flowers may become more antique in appearance. Preserved Petals / H&R color enhances some flowers to help them retain a natural look. However we can not provide you with any specific expectations as far as the lifetime of your preservation.




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